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Navigating the first few counselling sessions

At Restore Counselling and Wellness our goal is to offer choice in services. It can be helpful to know what to expect if you chose to book!

We offer complimentary consultations which are recommended prior to booking an initial intake session. Following a consultation if you choose to continue we will explore booking a 75 minute initial intake session. 

Feel free to take a look at our FAQ's page for additional information!!


 Consultations are recommended prior to booking the initial intake session. Consultations are 20 minutes in length, offered virtually and free of charge. 


A consultation offers us an opportunity to meet one another, and for individuals to assess the overall fit.

Initial Intake Session

The initial intake session is scheduled for 75 minutes and offers an opportunity for us to explore your intake information and begin to develop a road map of what you're hoping to achieve in counselling. 

The initial intake session is $175.00 and is a one time booking. 

Please inquire for more information regarding sliding scale options. 

Book an Appointment

Book a 20 minute consultation to see if it's a fit for you, and let's explore restoring balance together. 

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